Nutrition can be a topic that really baffles people. We’ve become so unsure of what to eat, how to eat, how much to eat, and it’s really tough to find reliable sources of information. If you read one article about what healthy nutrition is, you’ll find another saying something different.

Let me demystify it a little bit – good nutrition is really about simple, whole foods. If I go buy a boxed ‘meal’ where all I do is add water and put it on the stove, can I call that food? I’m not inclined to call it food. Is it nutritious? No. Are lean cuisines nutritious? No. They may help control calorie count, but that’s about it. In whatever we eat, we should know all the ingredients going in and be able to pronounce them all.

Healthy eating should never be about weight loss. Healthy eating should be about being healthy. If we eat good, high quality foods, we will feel better and maybe lose weight if there is extra. I know when I eat something that just doesn’t sit right with me – I usually feel lethargic, even achy at times, and sometimes have a headache. I trust my instinct and try not to eat that again. Do I eat burgers, pizza, and french fries? Sure, but with moderation. Those foods are never part of a daily or weekly routine for me. A salad with spinach, chard, kale, walnuts, and some other healthy, whole foods – that’s part of my daily routine.

Also, healthy eating is about planning. I have several people that prepare their meals for the week on Sunday. That way they don’t even have to think about what’s for lunch or dinner or find other ways to ‘cheat.’ Especially during a long workday, heading out for lunch and grabbing something that may not be the best for us is really easy. If a lunch is already waiting for us that was packed, we are more likely to eat that.

Now, just on to some office info:

  • Yoga! We are having yoga this Saturday (August 15) at the office from 9-10am. Only $10, and limited space. There are a few spots left so please email or call to let us know you will be attending. Bring a yoga mat.
  • Office Closed! We will be closing at 12pm on Wednesday, August 19, and we will re-open the following Monday. I will be out of town at an ART Seminar. If you have any scheduling or rescheduling needs, you can contact Ericca via email at
  • Evening Appointments! If you require evening appointments because of your schedule, please call 1-2 weeks ahead of time. Our late afternoon/early evening appointments tend to fill quickly. We can always schedule 2 or 3 appointments ahead to accommodate specific times.
  • Price Changes – As a reminder, there are some price changes occurring September 14, 2015, Cash price (not using insurance) will be $60; ART charge (using insurance and when not covered by insurance) will be $15.

Let us know if you have any questions!

I look forward to seeing at your next appointment!

– Dr. Ayesha Q