Why Dr. Qureshi is Different – The ART® Difference

Because of my unique experiences training in the martial arts since 1997, I understand the importance of performing at optimal levels. Whether there is a basketball tournament coming up, a marathon that needs to be completed, or being active with your children on a daily basis, it is important to be able to rise to these challenges. Muscle strains and sprains, joint aches, and illness can keep us from accomplishing our goals. This is why in addition to the traditional chiropractic adjustment, I also utilize soft tissue techniques to help the body heal from injury. These techniques can decrease recovery time, decrease pain, and increase range of motion and functionality.

I am also a certified Active Release Techniques® provider. Active Release Techniques, or ART, is a system that addresses problems with the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves that occur as a result of injury or repetitive stress. I’ve found that utilizing ART in conjunction with traditional chiropractic adjustments can truly resolve a lot of acute and chronic conditions, as well as help prevent injury later on. ART is also not just limited to the spine, unlike traditional chiropractic – I see many patients with a variety of issues ranging from hamstring strains, knee pain, post-surgical repair or joint replacement, and shoulder pain on a daily basis.

I have always found the chiropractic adjustment to be very useful and helpful, but it wasn’t until I suffered from a shoulder injury in 2002, that I realized how important working directly on muscles, ligaments, and fascia can be. The range of motion in my shoulder was severely compromised, and I had a deep, dull, achy pain all the way into my hand. Through a combination of chiropractic adjustments and ART, only then was I able to see relief from my pain.

During my martial arts training, I really discovered how exercise plays a vital role in maintaining overall health and joint health. With my own shoulder injury, I realized how important specific exercises are to strengthen weaker areas of the body. Exercise truly helps to make the body stronger, recover from injury, and decrease pain (as well as a variety of other benefits). As part of my recommended care, I also incorporate specific exercises to help strengthen weaker muscles. Resolving muscle imbalance with exercises and ART helps to hold the adjustment for longer periods of time, resulting in fewer office visits. I also incorporate nutrition as an important path to improving health.

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