Well, this is the newsletter many people have been waiting for! And for those of you that have seen me recently know that I’ve been ready as well!

Baby Q is officially here and was born on Saturday, March 12. For those of you that guessed GIRL in the baby pool, you were right! Her name is Lyla Qureshi C. For other important Baby Pool information, she was 5 pounds 2 ounces (yes, she she a full term baby!), 19 inches long, with a full head of black hair. Everybody is happy and healthy and getting ‘adjusted’ to things. Okay, had to sneak in a chiropractic joke in there for the future chiropractor I’m raising!

As for office stuff…Ericca will have some hours at the office and will be checking voicemail and email if not. If you have questions for her or any scheduling questions, call the office or feel free to email her directly at ClawsonBodyWorks@gmail.com.

At this point, I plan on being back at the office the week of April 4 with a limited schedule. If there are any changes, we will certainly let you know.

Don’t forget that we do have a back up ART chiropractor, Dr. Erik, that will be available on Mondays. Check in with Ericca if you have any questions. Another doc will possibly be available on Friday afternoons, but we are less certain on availability at this time for her.

And! One last thing! You can book a massage with Jennifer or Leta, our newest awesome massage therapist, with Ericca or by going directly to the website to book an appointment.

We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment!
Stay well and don’t forget to do your homework! 🙂

– Dr Ayesha Q